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I could have done better…….

What we’re really doing is apologising, we’re saying we’re not good enough, next time maybe we’ll be enough.

When we’ve released the inner demon, when we’ve upped our game, when we’ve fulfilled our inner potential.

Erm…..sorry to break this to you, but no.

You won’t.

When this happens you will still not be good enough, because there will be a bigger better version of you STILL waiting to get out. There always is, because any future version of ourselves is bound to be better, more experienced, more polished, more practised, wiser. It’s obvious right?

Part of us know this and wants it here NOW. We refuse to accept the present version of ourselves because we know there’s something better. Well sorry, that version of you isn’t here yet.  YOU are here now, and you did do your best. I’m sorry if that disappoints you.  Or your parents or your best friend.

Admit it, own it. You did your best, otherwise you would have done something different. Maybe you are capable of more, maybe not.  Maybe in the future you WILL find your bigger potential.

In the meantime, stop rejecting yourself, know that you are enough.  Please please please know that you are enough. That’s right, the you that’s here now. The you that stares back at you in the mirror.  The you that is imperfect and flawed and could do better. We can ALL do better. That is SO not the point. We know that already. Start accepting the self that is right here right now. THAT self deserves your love and respect.

Rachel Weber is a talented healer who believes that the key to your future can ALWAYS be found in your past, whether your childhood, your past life or your ancestors. She clears energetic links, memories, emotions and beliefs that hold you back from the life you’ve not even dared dream about yet. Her processes are powerful, the ah ha moments are many and varied, and her clients love working with her.

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