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It’s hard isn’t it? Pretending you have it all together, but deep down feeling like a fraud because your paperwork is in crisis, you are barely managing to feed the kids, and your emotions are swinging like a chimpanzee on speed?

Showing up, getting seen, braving the criticism. The supposed, imagined and actually real, criticism. The judgement, the lack of understanding. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, a treadmill, a chore. 

BUT…...what if there were a different way? An effortless, joyous way? Where you showed up as your true self, no worry, no anxiety, just fun? Just sharing your gifts with the world in a way that feels good to you. 

You don’t think it’s possible?

I don’t blame you, I didn’t either.

But actually, there is.

Get rid of the layers of conditioning, of fear, of self censorship, of others’ past judgement. Bring you back to yourself, get rid of the mud, and you will find a beautiful crystal, just waiting to share your gifts with the world.

 Sounds good doesn’t it?

But is it that easy?

 Well, yes and no.

It depends a little on how many layers there are, how many lifetimes, how much ‘stuff.’  It takes work, but the work is easy. There are specific techniques which I will show you, that you can use again and again. 

And then, after a while, yes, it gets easy.

 I promise. I used to be you. So I know.

And honestly, I haven’t found another way.

I can get you past the fears. Of criticism, of failure, of success, of not being good enough. Yes, those ones, your daily companions. Everyone has them at the beginning. Life is a lot more pleasant and easier without them! 

Interested in feeling in control, emotionally stable and confident for a change?



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New Clients:

  1. Book in for an initial session.  See if we are a good fit.
  2. If you are ready, book in for a three session package within two weeks, and receive an extra session FREE.  A little welcome gift from me to you.
  3. Look forward to feeling very VERY different (more in control, more grounded, more peaceful, need I go on?).    4. Basically, see your life change.


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Returning clients:

1. Book in for a follow up session or a package

If you’re not sure what you need, please contact me. Text or facebook messenger is best.

And remember, when you refer any client who books a package, YOU get a session free.  How cool is that?!


“Rachel is phenomenal as an educator, and explains and understands beautifully. This was a wonderful experience I’m so grateful for.”
“Rachel helped me to learn some simple debrief techniques which will be of great benefit to my mamas as I’ll now give them more time to unload without jumping in with anecdotes, fixes or conversation and they’ll then get to go deeper, feel better heard and this will hopefully lighten their load.”
I really liked Rachel’s way of holding the workshop – walking her talk. Welcoming everyone in a sensitive and responsive way.
“Rachel is very professional and great at sharing her wisdom and skills. Very healing and I look forward to bringing it into practice.”
“I attended Rachel’s ‘Healing Stories’ group for the first time. Rachel is a very skilled and intuitive healer, therapist and facilitator, and as we shared openly and honestly there were tears of laughter and much healing. A superb evening, just amazing.”
“I have attended Rachel’s ‘Healing Stories’ group twice now, and I’m looking forward to the next one! It is a very welcoming and safe space and was lovely to share time with such nice, like-minded people.”
“It has been a wonderful experience with lovely people. I feel like this is the start of my healing journey” – Hilary, Tring
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