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Return to Self Programme 


What would your life look like if you were living it by your own rules?

Probably you don’t even know. Life, family, work, responsibilities. It’s probably been a while since you even thought about what YOU want, What lights YOU up, how you could tweak your life to fit yourself.

And that’s another thing.  Who are you anyway? Once you’ve stopped being a wife and a mother and a daughter and a work colleague? Have you lost sight of your values, are you just drifting, doing what is expected of you?

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Are You Even Happy? 

 None of this is your fault. It just kind of happened. One day you were a carefree twenty something, with dreams, aspirations, hopes, a life plan.

And the next you were approaching forty, a house, a mortgage, kids, work, juggling the school run, the shopping, the laundy, the garden. Maybe finding time for a bit of telly on the weekend.

And feeling….what? Empty? Disconnected? Lost? Lets just say, less than fulfilled, And feeling guilty, because after all, you signed up for all of this didn’t you? Who are you to ask for more?

It’s OK. You’ve just forgotten your own truth, you’ve been so busy putting everyone else first that you’ve forgotten about your own wishes, your own needs, you have started to neglect your boundaries in the busy-ness of living. 

And it’s fixable. To bring you back to yourself I mean.

I’m not talking radical, take the kids and go round the world on a yacht kind of change, I’m talking an INTERNAL change.

Being happy with who you are, how you are living, being at peace. Introducing more of what brings you joy, regaining control of your emotions, your reactions, your decisions. Making sure your life is YOURS, not those around you.

It’s easier than you think. First we undo the conditioning, the stuff from the past. We build you up. We rediscover what you really want. We get clear on your wants and needs and factor them into everything else in your life. 

Oh, how beautiful!

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Who is it for?

Erm….I’d say if you have read this far, probably you! 

What do you get?

Ten amazing sessions with me via Skype. Yes, that’s 1:1, not some group package.

Honestly, I’m not a great fan of those.

So we get to work on YOUR issues, YOUR life in a very bespoke way.

  • Five process sessions (60-75 mins) to get rid of all the junk from your conditioning and your past.
  • Bespoke homework (I make it very easy, I know you are busy),
  • Five awareness phone calls (30-60 mins every other week).
  • Plus a check in session a month after to check you are on track.
  • Oh, and UNLIMITED access to me via text and facebook messenger. 

A pretty sweet deal if I say so myself, all at a price you might easily pay for a group program.

And of course the processes, tools and homework ideas are yours to keep.

Oh, did I mention we work via Skype? I’ll try not to come to the session in my pyjamas, but you’re welcome to! Yes, you won’t be the first (or the last). 

Ready to take control of your life?

Just click on the link below and you are IN. Remember to also book ten weekly (ideally consecutive) sessions with me. Ooh, exciting!! Your life is about to change! 

Woo hoo! Good move! See you on the other side!! (excited muchly) xx

“I want to thank you again because you have been such a big, positive influence in my life. Thanks to you, I’m coping 100% and feel happy with myself and family.” Lizzy, Totternhoe
“I could heal my wounds and work on my emotions to live fully present and free.” Joanna
“We should make this available for all women. It was a very peaceful environment and I enjoyed finding out what was behind my thoughts and feelings. I now feel free of my experience.” – Helen, London
“Rachel is fantastic at giving space and trust to talk about things. You feel deeply safe and respected with her presence.”
“Rachel has a clear understanding of how to help women most effectively, and is very good at communicating this. Very useful, powerful stuff.”
“A truly freeing experience. I did not know what to expect – but the sessions helped me to release and also open emotions and experiences that I needed to confront.”

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