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How are your techniques different from counselling?

I would describe my techniques as energy healing or mind-body work. So they quickly shift energy or emotional blocks from the past that are being held in the body. I like to think in terms of the human aura. This essentially has 4 layers: physical (body), mental (head), emotional (feelings), spiritual (well – spiritual). Healing can happen on any one or all of these layers depending on which modality you use. Counselling heals at a mental level (talking and understanding) and an emotional level (crying, getting in touch with feelings). My techniques also heal from the body. We might do some talking/listening as this suits some people and helps to release emotion.

I have tried everything. Can you still help me?

I believe I can. I also tried many techniques before I found these ones. These have shifted me like nothing else. At the same time I have needed to use them repeatedly at home to shift some of my deep-seated issues. Some issues resolve quickly and some have many layers that need shifting. You get the techniques to go home with so you have something to refer back to and continue using.

Do you work via skype?

Most of my 1:1 work is done via skype and I also work face to face in Pitstone, Bucks, UK

I live in USA / Australia etc. Can you work around the time difference?

It’s never been a problem so far. I like to be as flexible as possible. I know people have busy lives.

What is your waiting list like?

At the moment I have about a one to two week wait for appointments. However if you are in emotional crisis please let me know and I will do my best to fit you in sooner.

My issue is massive and I can’t even talk about it. Can you still help me?

Yes, I can help you. We will start very gently, there is a technique in EFT called tearless trauma that we will likely use. You don’t have to tell me a thing or even think about it and we can still resolve it for you.

I feel like I’m wasting your time. Nothing much has happened in my life and I still feel stuck/depressed/unhappy

I hear you! This was me entirely. It dosn’t matter, we can still shift whatever is going on for you.

Do you do taster sessions?

I do an initial session with everyone. It’s important that we know we can work together. 

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Noone will know that you are having sessions with me. I also never divulge any information to anyone, not even anonymously and not even to my husband. There are however two exceptions:one is if I feel the need to speak with my supervisor. The other is if I feel you might do harm to yourself or someone else. This is not the same as having suicidal thoughts, this is if I feel you might actually do something. In this situation I would let you know I feel the need to speak with someone on your behalf, and hopefully gain your consent.

How often/when are the sessions?

Generally we space sessions 1 to 2 weeks apart, but it’s flexible. My Return to Self program is weekly.is flexible. You do not need to come at the same day/time each time. We work it out between us when is convenient.

I’m worried I’ll get too emotional

If there is a lot of emotion to be released, it is normal to cry. However this should feel like a release rather than an upset. The techniques allow you to take things at your own pace so that it is not overwhelming.

I’m not sure what my issue is, can I still come to you?

Of course. This is what I am here for, part detective, part healer. If you had it all figured out you wouldn’t need me!

Can I pay in instalments?

If you would like to pay in installments, please contact me and I will organise it for you.

I’m not sure if it’s for me, can I get a refund?

I’m sorry, all sessions are non-refundable. Most people love my sessions and get a lot out of them. 

Can my 16 year old daughter come to you?

I’m sorry, I only work with over 18s. At the same time I can work with you to resolve some of your feelings about what is going on, and clearing this energy often shifts the situation. We can do some ‘proxy’ energy work and have what is known as a virtual conversation with your daughter. I can also teach you how to speak to her higher self. In short, there is still a lot of work we can do together to help whatever is going on.

There aren’t any workshops near me. If I hosted would you travel?

I am always open to discussion and I love to travel. So the answer is yes, probably!

Do you do any workshops abroad?

By invitation only. See the above answer and get in touch if you have an idea.

I would like to come to one of your workshops but I don’t want to come alone

Please don’t worry, everyone will be coming alone and you all my workshops and groups are very friendly

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