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Self belief for Business

Who is it for?


For anyone who really wants to FLY in their business and make an impact in the world. For anyone frustrated, stuck, unsure why things don’t feel aligned and it feels like you are hitting your head against a brick wall, feeling confused and yes, just a little ashamed that you just can’t make things work.


How does it work?


Oh goodness! Fear in business. Or just in life. Its one of the BIGGEST things that holds us back. Fear of failure, of success, of visibility, of judgement, of not being good enough, of not deserving, of money, of our capabilities, of of of…… It is crippling! And luckily, it’s relatively easy to clear. It COMES from somewhere, whether childhood or past life and once we discover this, we will clear it. You will become more confident, you will get unstuck and have more clarity of what you want to do and how you want to do it. No more days idly sifting facebook, taking webinars and going round in circles. This will get you feeling GOOD about yourself and taking ACTION.

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“I want to thank you again because you have been such a big, positive influence in my life. Thanks to you, I’m coping 100% and feel happy with myself and family.” Lizzy, Totternhoe
“I could heal my wounds and work on my emotions to live fully present and free.” Joanna
“We should make this available for all women. It was a very peaceful environment and I enjoyed finding out what was behind my thoughts and feelings. I now feel free of my experience.” – Helen, London
“Rachel is fantastic at giving space and trust to talk about things. You feel deeply safe and respected with her presence.”
“Rachel has a clear understanding of how to help women most effectively, and is very good at communicating this. Very useful, powerful stuff.”
“A truly freeing experience. I did not know what to expect – but the sessions helped me to release and also open emotions and experiences that I needed to confront.”
“I had a very traumatic experience with my first born and the workshop really helped me move on from it and prepare me for my second child’s birth. A truly freeing experience. I did not know what to expect but the workshop helped me to release and open emotions and experiences I needed to confront.” – Jo, London
“Rachel is lovely, kind, caring, extremely skillful and knowledgeable. You will benefit greatly from her years of experience and treatment.” – Maggie, Bedfordshire
“It helps to get complete with whatever happened and to look to the future with a blank page, no restrictions from the past. Now I have no resentment at all and am looking forward to having my second very soon. We should make this available for all women.” – Ildi, Hertfordshire

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