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Healing Your Life Stories

How does it work?

The way this works is deceptively simple yet powerful. You bring me the ‘issue’ that is in your present life, even if that is that you don’t know what’s wrong. It’s not necessary to be clear at this stage. We have an initial three sessions together and we clear whatever is needed. This may be something from your past that you are unaware of. We generally ‘meet’ every two weeks but this is flexible. It doesn’t have to be the same time each week.

Three sessions will get you to a place of understanding your issue, how to heal it and how to continue the work at home should you wish to. We use whatever healing techniques are necessary so that you can make decisions from a clear place, be the best version of yourself and feel at peace with yourself and others.

Who is it for?

Sometimes the issue is that you feel there must be more to life, or you feel you are missing something. Sometimes it is more specific: lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, specific memories, childhood ‘stuff,’ wanting to apply for a job but not feeling good enough, relationship issues, angry outbursts, emotional overwhelm, feeling sad or weepy.

People often don’t heal their stories because they feel ashamed: their story is too small, other people are suffering more, I should just move on, get over it. I disagree: NO story is too small to access proper healing, you are not weak or pathetic for not handling it, for needing some help.

Whether you are new to this work, or have done lots of counselling, healing or self development in the past, my techniques are quick, easy to learn and highly effective.

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What to expect


Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping helps to shift a whole range of issues quickly and effectively. It works firstly by talking around the issue and understanding the key emotions and beliefs, and then tapping on these. These quickly dissolve with the tapping.

For example I helped a client who believed that she was the reason for a family argument when she was eight. Except this wasn’t the original issue she presented with: she came with depression, not valuing herself and not putting herself first.

Within one session she went from an eight out of ten thinking it was all her fault that members of her family still did not talk to eachother, to ‘how could it be my faultI was only eight!’ She had been carrying this her whole life, and her other symptoms also started to resolve.

Going Deeper

Understanding our own story can help release it. Every story has a sub plot and this is the deeper work: the why of how someone ended up in a particular job, in a particular relationship, what part of yourself you were looking to fulfil.

What you are telling yourself about yourself because you did a particular thing: are you not loveable, unworthy, shameful? The part of yourself that feels unloveable is still in there. If it is really strong, you will be acting out in an unloveable way just to fulfil this part.

Often we do this in order to try and heal it also. Have you noticed how people repeat the patterns of their lives: marry their mum or their dad? We are trying to understand, to forgive and to heal. My gift is that I can see these patterns, I can help you see them also and heal them.

Body Wisdom

Our bodies hold the answers to more than we realise and once we find out how to ask, it can open up a whole new understanding. This is an easy and powerful technique, either to get in touch with parts of ourselves that feel stuck, upset, angry or in need of forgiveness, or with someone who has wronged or hurt us. With the right guidance everyone can do this and we can quickly and effectively let go of emotions.

We can also gain understanding on someone else’s point of view. This puts us in a position of power, not over that person but by being in charge of our own decision-making and emotional responses to decide how to proceed.

Often what actually happens is that the issue just falls away on it’s own without us having to do anything. This stuff really does change lives!

Between sessions

This is optional of course, but is included in the price. Like everything I do it is bespoke: I may suggest some specific exercises you can do at home to release additional emotion.

All of these techniques are tried and tested and things I use myself daily in my own life. You can read about my story on the ‘My Story’ page. I have gone from feeling ashamed and a failure, to feeling proud at how much I have achieved.

Basically, the more homework you do, the more you release old emotions and habits, the quicker it will happen.

”Struggling in my relationship I turned to Rachel.  The result was amazing!!  I discovered the relationship with my partner has similar undertones to the relationship I had with my mum as a child.  I had this grief and hurt inside which I didn’t know existed and my 7 year old self really allowed me to let it go.  Thank you.”  Joanna, Somerset.
”I went to see Rachel after a traumatic response and crippling anxiety.  The sense of relief after the session was incredible, something had obviously released.  I feel more enlightened and less frightened of dealing with certain things.  I spoke with a friend on facetime that evening and they said I looked radiant!  Thank you Rachel, I can’t wait to come back.”  Lesley, London
”I was going through a hard time with a so-called friend when I came across Rachel, and I’m so glad I did.  She did the session over Skype, and by the end I had gone from hurt and angry to indifferent and unaffected.  It really was quite amazing!  And it still works now, almost a year later. I use tapping for pretty much everything now, confidence issues or times I get stressed.  I can’t thank you enough Rachel, I really hated the place I was in and you rescued me.”
”Rachel is amazing.  I called her up as I was experiencing a bad time with my relationship.  Through a meditative state I discovered that my present circumstances reminded me of a previous situation where I felt out of control.  I am 70 years old now and I couldn’t believe the emotion from that time was still lurking after 40 years! We spoke with the ‘younger’ me, cleared the emotion and trauma and replaced the heaviness I was feeling with lightness and relief.  All in just over an hour!  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to heal and get rid of it.”  Jean, Wales
”We all have stories.  Rachel holds the space beautifully while the harder ones reform and gently release. Her skill is both masterful and tender at the same time.”  Deborah, Hertfordshire
”Rachel is a beautiful, gifted and generous light worker.  I was fortunate enough to stumble across her (no coincidences in this world)  and very much hope to work with her again.”  Laura, London

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