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So, you procrastinate?

And you somehow regard it as the enemy?

The thing you have to fight, the thing you have to get past, the thing that’s WRONG about you and your life?  The thing that makes you lazy, inefficient, a waste of space, incapable, blab la bla?

Yeah, same here. Until I realised it’s really a blessing, it has a MASSIVE purpose.

If you listen to procrastination instead of trying to fight it, you will end up having no use for it at all and will eliminate it from your life.

Are you feeling the fear coming up? Yeah, procrastination keeps us safe! It stops us from having to make real decisions, and stops us from having to do anything we don’t want to. A lot of the time it also stops us from doing anything really MEANINGFUL with our lives. Yeah, scary to think about getting rid of it!

OK, so get past all that and learn about a more conscious way.


Here is the process. The key is knowing what’s IMPORTANT.  In your world, not in someone else’s world.


  1. It sounds so obvious but get clear on WHY you are procrastinating. Is it fear? Of failure? Of looking stupid? Of getting it wrong? Is it lack of knowledge? Is it not feeling capable? Or do you just really really NOT want to do it?! (the last one is the most common cause).
  2. Get clear on how important it is to do it. (if it’s not, let it go, do something you DO like doing)
  3. And WHY? What will it give you? Will it give you a sense of peace knowing your files are in order, will it keep the taxman off your back, will it stop your husband filing for divorce if you make room on the dining room table to actually be able to eat?
  4. Are these good enough reasons? If not, again, let it go…..)
  5. If it’s still important, do you need help? Is it something you can tackle alone?
  6. If it still HAS to be done, what is the time scale? When does it HAVE to be done by?


Most of my filing gets done this way. By the time I come to do it, it’s done itself, most of it can go straight in the filing shredding system.  Thanks procrastination!


The other reason we procrastinate is because it’s just not TIME yet.  So give yourself a break.  Either you’re not quite ready, or you’re not quite in alignment, which is pretty much the same thing.

Take this newsletter for example. Some of you have been on my mailing list for a very very long time. And I appreciate you being here, I really really do.  I kept trying to make myself write to you but it wasn’t happening.  So I applied the system. There were lots of REASONS to write to you but the world wasn’t going to end if I didn’t.   So …. I got off my own back.  I waited. This is very different from procrastination.


The way to eliminate procrastination is exactly what it says, ‘eliminate procrastination.’ Procrastination doesn’t exist in my world. As in, there’s no such thing. It’s just a label, and it’s only a label when you are on your own back. Either it’s important in which I set a deadline for completing it, with or without outside help.  Or it’s not important, in which case I let it go.

The key is awareness, know how you FEEL about doing the thing, KNOW if you want to do it, and if not why not. And then decide to do it or not do it. If you still don’t do it, repeat the process. You will probably find it wasn’t that important after all.  Anyone see procrastination anywhere? I don’t.

I see a lot more free time, a lot less faffing, a lot more doing what I actually WANT to do.  AND a lot more getting the really important things done.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be scary.


Rachel Weber is a talented healer who believes that the key to your future can ALWAYS be found in your past, whether your childhood, your past life or your ancestors. She clears energetic links, memories, emotions and beliefs that hold you back from the life you’ve not even dared dream about yet. Her processes are powerful, the ah ha moments are many and varied, and her clients love working with her.

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