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Clear The Past Package

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

It’s hard isn’t it, this living lark? Everyone else seems to be getting ahead, juggling work and family, running a business, and you…..you can barely manage to get out of bed some mornings, you feel you are running just to keep up, and even then you are lagging behind. It’s just such hard WORK.  You don’t know what, but there’s definitely something that just isn’t FLOWING.

Other people seem to be happier, to achieve more, to have more energy.  You pretend everything is fine, but deep down you wonder what’s wrong with you. 

Well what if……what if there was NOTHING wrong with you? What if it was just some stuck energy from the past that’s ready to be released now? What if it’s just that noone’s been able to find the key before to open the door of your life? What if I could show you how? (Don’t worry, I’m VERY good at finding keys, and I can show YOU how to). 

When I applied these techniques to my own life, I went from fatigued, rarely experiencing joy, to living in deep peace and gratitude. From having almost no money, to having plenty. From resenting the Universe, to dancing with it instead. From not really wanting to be here, to CREATING a life I love. From drifting unconsciously, to embracing my soul lessons.From lost and not even knowing it, to knowing who I am. From giving away my power, to setting my boundaries.

I can show you how to do the same thing, however long you have been in this place. Through releasing the past, releasing the energy. It’s easy when you know how. 

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Types of past events that need clearing

A Before and After event

  • To the outside world it may look tiny, but to you it’s BIG. (Except that you try to pretend it’s not. There’s something unacceptable about making a fuss, isn’t there?) 
  • When you look back at that time, you think in terms of ‘before and after’.
  • You may never have really dealt with it, however long ago it was, however many times you have gone over it. That’s not your fault, you just haven’t found a technique that really works before.
  • Generally, we can resolve this event in three sessions. (YOU need to know what the event is, but you don’t need to tell me about it unless you want to. Sometimes it helps to tell someone, sometimes it doesn’t.

Childhood ‘Stuff’

  • Both big and small, both remembered and unremembered.
  • Symptoms include being erratically triggered, unhelpful patterns of behaviour, relationship issues, inappropriate emotions, feeling stressed by little things, or generally not coping.
  • We can generally start to address these issues in three sessions, and give you the tools to cope with them.

Past Life Events

  • Symptoms include irrational fears, fear of visibility, fear of criticism, fear of judgement, relationship issues, lack of confidence, massively heightened emotions around a particular issue.
  • We can generally resolve one past event per session, there may be more than one past event related to a particular issue. 

Fancy working with me and clearing your stuff?

Congratulations! I am honestly, genuinely proud of you. You have just taken the next step to the rest of your life. Well done! I look forward to connecting soon.



''Struggling in my relationship I turned to Rachel.  The result was amazing!!  I discovered the relationship with my partner has similar undertones to the relationship I had with my mum as a child.  I had this grief and hurt inside which I didn't know existed and my 7 year old self really allowed me to let it go.  Thank you.''  Joanna, Somerset.
''I went to see Rachel after a traumatic response and crippling anxiety.  The sense of relief after the session was incredible, something had obviously released.  I feel more enlightened and less frightened of dealing with certain things.  I spoke with a friend on facetime that evening and they said I looked radiant!  Thank you Rachel, I can't wait to come back.''  Lesley, London
''I was going through a hard time with a so-called friend when I came across Rachel, and I'm so glad I did.  She did the session over Skype, and by the end I had gone from hurt and angry to indifferent and unaffected.  It really was quite amazing!  And it still works now, almost a year later. I use tapping for pretty much everything now, confidence issues or times I get stressed.  I can't thank you enough Rachel, I really hated the place I was in and you rescued me.''
''Rachel is amazing.  I called her up as I was experiencing a bad time with my relationship.  Through a meditative state I discovered that my present circumstances reminded me of a previous situation where I felt out of control.  I am 70 years old now and I couldn't believe the emotion from that time was still lurking after 40 years! We spoke with the 'younger' me, cleared the emotion and trauma and replaced the heaviness I was feeling with lightness and relief.  All in just over an hour!  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to heal and get rid of it.''  Jean, Wales
''We all have stories.  Rachel holds the space beautifully while the harder ones reform and gently release. Her skill is both masterful and tender at the same time.''  Deborah, Hertfordshire
''Rachel is a beautiful, gifted and generous light worker.  I was fortunate enough to stumble across her (no coincidences in this world)  and very much hope to work with her again.''  Laura, London
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