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Have you ever felt like you are being held back in life? Like it’s just really hard work? One step forward and one step back? Maybe you have looked at other people achieving more in life? Maybe you have decided it’s not for you and have stopped trying, maybe you have settled for less than your true potential?

I have good news for you! It’s not YOU. And we can do something about it.

It’s your underlying limiting beliefs, the ones that you may not even be aware of, that are holding you back.
Let me explain.

Imagine you live on the top of a volcano. This volcano represents both your physical reality and your emotional state, how you feel about yourself and other people.

Sometimes it’s a bit active, it steams a bit, it stinks of sulphur, it’s barren, nothing much grows up there. Honestly, it’s not a great place to live, but you stay. You look at the other people living by the seaside, in the warmth, and you wonder how they got there, but still you stay.

You stay for all sorts of reasons. Because it’s the only place you know, because you hope it will get better, because you have to look after the place, because you can’t imagine anything else or how you might get there.
You stay even though you’re not desperately happy, even though you are fire fighting all the time, even though every now and again red molten magma erupts and floods your home.

This lava represents the times in your life when you get triggered, when you get angry, when something or someone pushes your buttons.

You think it won’t happen again, there is no sign of activity, your volcano is quiet, maybe it’s even been dormant for many years.

But at it’s very core there is a fiery molten mass, completely hidden and unseen. It is this mass that creates the environment you are living in: the steam, the sulphur, the molten lava that you then have to try and put out, or work around.

This core represents your beliefs, and until you put them out, you will end up living on top of your same volcano. Nothing will ever change, because you still believe the same things about yourself.
These self beliefs are powerful and go something like this:

‘You don’t deserve more.’
‘You are not important.’
‘You are stupid.’
‘You are a failure.’
‘You are not capable.’
‘You’re not good at……’
‘You are not loveable.’
‘Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.’ etc etc.

These beliefs are under the earth, hidden, but you see the effects on the surface.
How you live your life, the environment you live in, the job you have, how confident you feel, how you interact with others, your relationship and more is the effect of your underlying beliefs.

They are like a powerful computer program: you don’t see them, you just know about them when they go wrong.
And like a computer program, once you know the code you can REPROGRAM yourself. For more success, better relationships, more confidence, more self belief, more more more….because suddenly you feel you deserve it.
Of course like computer code, there is a system to all this. There is a system for how we create beliefs in the first place, there is a system for knowing how to find them, and there is a system for how to replace them with better ones.

Ones that will upgrade your life, whether you want happiness, love, a better job, a better house, or whether you just want to get rid of negative influences and emotions in your life.

I LOVE showing people how to let go of out-dated beliefs and emotions and improve their lives.
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