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For those of you who are struggling right now, who are besieged by self doubt, who are finding it hard to step up and accept the challenge of who you are, what you REALLY want to be doing. You are amazing, as amazing as the next person, not in a better than way, but in a unique way. Only you have the gifts, the experience, the DESIRE to deliver your stuff in the way you deliver it.

This is a real life conversation between me and my mentor a few years ago.
Every session:
Her: ‘You are amazing.’
Me: ‘No, I’m not.’

She would sigh, we would do some healing.

Next session:
‘You are amazing.
‘No, I’m not.’

She would sigh, we would do some healing.

This went on and on.
In our very last session together she said.
‘You are amazing. How does that feel?’ She was hopeful, I could hear it.

I wish I could say I suddenly had an epiphany, that I could suddenly say with all conviction:
‘You know what, I am! I am awesome and have so much to share with the world!’
That came later. About six months later, when I suddenly GOT it.

Instead I said ‘It feels wrong.’
She sighed, loudly. In fact it was silently, it was internally, but I’m an empath, I could hear it anyway. She had worked so hard and I STILL wasn’t getting it.

That in order to be amazing I don’t have to be SPECIAL. I don’t have to be the best. I don’t have to compete or be better than anyone else. Because we are all amazing, just how we are. We are all uniquely us, we all have something to contribute, something to share, we all influence those around us by our amazingness. If we choose to share who we are, show up, let others see us.

We are not all born to be Nelson Mandela or Marianne Williamson. How boring would that be?! No, we are meant to just be ourselves, as we are right now, not at some indeterminable point in the future when we will suddenly know enough, be enough. No, right now. Right now you are amazing. Right now you are enough. Because there is no other time.

Rachel Weber is a talented healer who through her own journey, now has a mission to help you completely love, accept and appreciate yourself, flaws and all.  Because when you are in this place you can do ANYTHING you want in the world, from a place of excitement and wonder rather than from fear, old habits and childhood ‘stuff.’

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